What is Respellr? Arrow
Easy to use software that replaces spellcheck directly-within Google Docs
Dashboard/reports for parents and teachers showing student-specific progress
Automatically tracks your student's spelling mistakes and turns them into custom games
Students can work solo or team up to build skills and have fun with their friends

Respellr transforms misspelled words into custom games, automatically adapting to your child's needs

How Does it Work?
In under 2 minutes, replace the old spell check in Google Docs with a gamified alternative, designed just for kids. ReSpellr automatically adapts to specific student needs and provides insightful analytics for parents and teachers. Cloud Star

Our custom Chrome extension swaps standard spell check for personalized word games in Google Docs. A custom sidebar turns homework into a learning arcade.


Students earn points as ReSpellr auto-detects their challenge words, engaging each kid’s specific needs through custom games. Solo or with friends, learning is way more fun with ReSpellr.


Load weekly spelling lists, ditch the drilling. Track progress and focus learning where needed, with insights for both parents and teachers.


Level up your student’s spelling and reading with custom word games, analytics and reportings

Why Respellr? Arrow
Traditional spellcheck has removed challenge from the learning process, but embracing challenge is key to learning.
Our adaptive, gamified approach boosts student engagement by turning misspellings into custom games.
Studies on Gamification Show...
Students prefer gamified learning experience
Improvement to student productivity
K-8 teachers in the U.S. use digital learning games
Improvement to student test scores
Source: Zippia. "25 Gamification Statistics [2023]: Facts + Trends You Need To Know" Zippia.com. Feb. 23, 2023, https://www.zippia.com/advice/gamification-statistics/
Respellr automatically adapts to your child's specific needs and makes learning fun!
Replaces traditional learning with an interactive approach that actually works… plus it adds a fun, motivational twist!
Adapts to your student and challenges them at the right time, in the right areas (think: improved spelling + more confidence, with fewer errors)
Seamlessly integrates with your student’s Google Docs/Classroom to provide interactive learning support in real time
Customized reports, dashboards & learning tools for students, teachers and parents providing student specific insights

“This fun way to learn creates momentum for students to want to keep writing, reading, and then spelling comes with it!” -Katie, EdTech Expert

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benefits for your student
  1. 1. Engaging spelling games that make writing fun
  2. 2. Daily challenges that promote creative writing
  3. 3. Personalized Avatar Builder
  4. 4. Earn points to level up
  5. 5. Team up with friends
  6. 6. Earn badges and spend points
  7. 7. Grammar check
benefits for parents
  1. 1. Automated tracking of challenge and mastered words
  2. 2. Dashboard with personalized analytics & weekly report
  3. 3. Upload custom words lists
  4. 4. Easily toggle between multiple student profiles
  5. 5. Save time - skip the spelling drills
  6. 6. Continuous learning thru summer activities
  7. 7. Analytics follow student from grade-to-grade
  8. 8. Send kudos to celebrate your student's progress
  9. 9. Create custom daily challenges that your child will love (mindfulness writing challenges, journal prompts, etc.)
coming soon
Note: All plans automatically renew but can be canceled at any time, please review our terms of service for more details.
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Happy respellr parents
Created by proactive parents just like you who want to see their child succeed in writing...and loved by students just like yours who want to have fun while learning!
calendar Oct 14, 2023
star star star star star
A.B. | Happy ReSpellr Parent

“It is valuable so that kids can get immediate feedback on their spelling. Spellcheck just tells kids how to spell the words, and honestly, I don’t think they learn from that. This way, they are not just given the correct answer; they have to figure it out for themselves.

calendar Oct 18, 2023
star star star star star
Raegan | 5th Grade ReSpellr Student

“I love that I can play by myself or with my friends. There are tons of fun word games and I love to get points for learning words. It makes me want to get better.

calendar Oct 19, 2023
star star star star star
Abby | ReSpellr Teacher (3rd grade)

“ReSpellr’s Google Docs sidebar is a powerful way to enable kids to write, WOW!”

level up this school year with respellr!

Frequently asked questions Arrow Dot Dot Dot

  • What is ReSpellr?

    Respellr is a patent pending learning platform crafted for elementary students in grades 2 to 5, aimed at making spelling practice an enjoyable and enriching experience. By seamlessly integrating with Google Docs, Respellr replaces the conventional spell check with a unique gamified approach. When students make spelling errors, Respellr converts these mistakes into engaging word games, promoting a fun and interactive learning environment.

    The platform goes beyond just correcting spelling errors by offering adaptive learning through personalized word games that tailor to each student's spelling abilities. Parents, teachers, and students can track progress and gain valuable insights through custom reports and dashboards, making spelling improvement an attainable and enjoyable endeavor.

  • Why should we use ReSpellr?

    In today’s digital world, students are moving away from hand-written assignments, and increasing the use of online learning tools.
    Spell check tools are everywhere and, by automatically providing corrections, they remove valuable challenge which is needed for students to learn to spell and read!

    ReSpellr replaces traditional spell check with an alternative designed just for kids. Misspelled words are stored and used to provide customized word games for the student and analytics for parents and teachers.

  • Who is ReSpellr for? 

    2nd to 5th graders who love games (more than homework) and wish to conquer spelling challenges or accelerate learning will find ReSpellr a game-changer. Integrated with Google Docs, it swaps standard spellcheck for a gamified version, ideal for Google Classroom students or Gmail users.

    For parents, the ease of ReSpellr is a breath of fresh air. No more drilling words with your kids; our platform takes over that chore, turning it into an interactive learning adventure. And for the young gamers, ReSpellr's video game-like environment makes learning an exciting mission they are eager to embark on. ReSpellr is where fun meets function, spelling meets gaming, and learning meets laughter! Seamlessly integrating into your student’s workflow, ReSpellr operates automatically and offers insightful analytics via a dedicated parents' dashboard, alongside weekly reporting delivered straight to your inbox.

  • How do I see my child's progress?

    Parents and teachers have access to interactive dashboards that provide a detailed view into all of their linked students’ mastered and challenge words, scores, and more.

    Parents and teachers also have the ability to add custom spelling lists which can be tracked by the software, allowing for personalized spelling practice. They can even generate custom word games from their dashboard, making spelling practice even more engaging for their child.

    Parents also have control over account payment info and see the spelling progress of all of their student-linked accounts in one place, through the parent dashboard.

    As Respellr evolves, additional features will be introduced to further enhance the learning and user experience. We value feedback and ideas from our user community. Parents are encouraged to share their feedback and suggestions with us at info@respellr.com, helping us in our continuous effort to refine and expand the capabilities of Respellr, making spelling practice an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor for students.

  • How do I get started?

    Getting started is easy! Visit https://respellr.com/, register for an account, choose your subscription plan, and follow the guided onboarding process to install the Respellr extension on Google Chrome.

    Parents: Sign Up for a Free Trial using any email address. You will be guided to input your child's first name, last initial and their email. A Gmail account* is needed to set up a student account. The student's Gmail account will enable the installation of the Respellr extension which must be performed on the computer used for your student's school/homework. The extension is installed in Google Chrome.

    Although you can access the dashboards from any device, ensure the Respellr extension is installed on the computer your child uses for their work. This is a part of the streamlined sign-up/registration process. The Respellr extension is installed directly from the Google Extension store, and students will be guided there as part of the parent supervised installation process. This installation takes place before the tutorial is presented to students.

    The parent and student accounts are linked, simplifying the monitoring of your child's progress. Parents can manage the student’s settings and their account from their dashboard. Note: In the near future, teacher accounts will also be able to link to individual students or entire classes for extensive progress tracking.

    Once the extension is installed, students are guided through a tutorial via Respellr's custom sidebar in Google Docs, welcoming them to the interactive, game-based spelling improvement journey. Respellr takes over the standard spell check in Google Docs, turning spelling errors into captivating word games. Students engage with these games to amend their spelling, earning points for a fun, interactive learning experience.

    Word games are displayed directly over Google Docs or on the student dashboard, making the learning process engaging and easily accessible.

    * The ReSpellr Chrome Extension is compatible with both school-issued and personal Gmail accounts. However, some schools may restrict the installation of third-party extensions. If this happens, contact us at info@respellr.com for assistance in gaining access or to request a refund.

  • How much does ReSpellr cost?

    You have the option of paying for your student's account on a monthly or a yearly basis (with a discount):
    -The monthly billing plan is $9.99 per month (totaling $119.88 per year).
    -The annual billing plan is $83.88 per year ($6.99 per month -- a discount of 30%) which will be billed once per year.

    Teacher accounts are free.

    Parent accounts are also are free and require the setup and payment of one or more student subscriptions.

    Payment is easy. Options including Paypal and all major credit cards.

    You can cancel your plan at any time; however, please note that refunds are not issued for cancellations.

    See our Terms of Service for additional details on our payment policy.

  • Who do I contact for support or if I have more questions?

    We’re here to help! For support or additional inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at info@respellr.com.

  • Is there a free trial available?  How does it work?

    Yes! We offer a standard 14-day free trial for you to explore and experience the benefits of Respellr. There is zero risk since you can cancel at any time during the trial period
Note: To start the trial period, you will need to setup an account and provide a form of payment.  Don’t worry - we won’t bill you unless you stick with it. 

  • How can I provide feedback or suggestions?

    We value your feedback! You can provide feedback or suggestions through our website or by emailing us at info@respellr.com. Your insights help us continually enhance Respellr for a better learning experience.

  • Can parents recommend ReSpellr to teachers?

    Absolutely! Parents can recommend tech-savvy and forward-thinking teachers to the beta program as part of the Parent Sign Up process or teachers can request beta access directly at https://app.respellr.com/signup/teacher. Once our teacher-facing product is refined with feedback from participating teachers, we plan to open it up to all teachers for free.

  • What does "Beta" mean?

    ReSpellr is venturing into uncharted territory as the first spell check platform designed exclusively for kids, and the pioneer in gamifying spelling! 

    As we navigate through our "Beta" phase, a stage in software development where the product is near completion but may still have some bugs or require fine-tuning, we are extending early access to progressive families keen on making spelling a fun and fruitful endeavor for their young learners.

    While we've built a robust platform, the Beta phase allows us to refine it further with real-world user feedback, and that’s where your insights are pivotal!

    Your early adoption and feedback are instrumental in evolving ReSpellr into an outstanding platform for young learners, aiming to revolutionize how kids learn to read, write, and spell through engaging gameplay.

    1. Early Access: You're among the first to experience ReSpellr's gamified spelling adventure. This near-final version of our platform has most features developed and implemented, yet we're still perfecting it, adding more cool features and squashing any pesky bugs that might arise.

    2. Collaborative Improvement: We value your experiences, suggestions, or any issues you may encounter. Reach out to us at info@respellr.com with your invaluable feedback, or if you stumble upon any bugs. Your feedback is crucial for making necessary adjustments before a broader release.

    3. Upcoming Enhancements: Our journey ahead is filled with exciting enhancements including more comprehensive teacher and parent dashboards, enriched reporting features, and a broader range of games and student-centric features to enrich the learning adventure.

    4. Beta Access for Teachers: At present, ReSpellr is open for parent and student sign-up directly. Teachers can request beta access here, or through recommendations from proactive parents during the Parent Sign Up process. We aim to soon facilitate whole class experiences, enabling teachers to address challenging spelling topics either for the entire class or on an individual student basis. Once our teacher-facing product is honed with the insights from participating teachers, we plan to roll it out to all teachers for free.

    Your recommendations and feedback are vital in shaping a tool that enhances classroom learning in a fun and effective manner!

  • What if the ReSpellr Chrome Extension is blocked on my student's school-issued Gmail account?

    The ReSpellr Chrome Extension was designed to work with both school-issued and personal Gmail accounts.

    However, some schools may restrict the installation of third-party extensions. If this is the case, you have two options:

    1. Install the extension using a personal Gmail account that your child has access to.

    2. If installation is not possible, please contact us at info@respellr.com. We'll assist you in gaining access or, if needed, provide a refund.

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