At Respellr, we’ve dialed up the fun on spelling by letting kids craft their own avatars with a few simple clicks. It’s all part of making learning personalized and engaging—because why should avatars be one-size-fits-all?


Personalize a Learning Pal

Kids can now tap into their creative wells to fashion an avatar that mirrors their unique style. We had an artist friend customize each feature option and the color palette just for us – so ReSpellr avatars are truly unique.  

The process is straightforward: select features like hair and clothing, then dial up the personality with a choice of whimsical backgrounds, from celestial scenes to vibrant landscapes.



A Custom Avatar in a Snap

For those moments when decision fatigue hits, or your child simply wants to dive into the action, the “Make one for me” option serves up a randomized character to get things rolling.


Ever-Changing Style

Our avatar builder is easy to access from the sidebar or student dashboard. With a vast palette of colors and an ever-growing wardrobe of features, kids can revisit and revamp their avatars anytime, keeping their spelling sidekick as dynamic as their learning journey.


Share the Fun

As a parent, you’re the guide on the side—so share this blog with your young learners or walk through it together. Let them take the reins of creativity and watch as their avatars become more than just characters; they become companions on the path to spelling success.